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My Story

I'm from Memphis, TN. I started making beats back in 2003 when my homie told about Fruity Loops.

I listen to alotta Three 6 Mafia & you know all their beats was hard as fuck. They really made me wonna make beats. DJ Paul & Juicy J are my favorites foreva.

In 2005 that's when I started doing this seriously.

I started buying more studio equipment. I was working full time at FedEx. I was ordering shit every time I got paid. I still remember waiting on packages to get delivered like it was yesterday....still got some of the equipment too.

Since then, I've invested over $30,000 in my studio & my craft. And guess what...I'm still investing cuz its never enough. Ya feel me?

I made my website because too many artists was hitting me at the worst times trying to get beats. Either I was busy with other stuff or they would schedule a session & not show up. Fuck that.

So I made super easy for you to come here, cop a beat, download it & hit the any time.

You here right now. Cop you a few of my beats & make some songs today.


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Questions So Far?

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What is a lease?

A lease is a non-exclusive license. That means you can use the beats for what you need but they don’t come off the market. Others can come to me & use the beats too.

What’s the difference between the lease options?

The MP3 Lease gives you a pre-mixed MP3 file of the beat. This is a basic quality file. The WAV Lease will give you a pre-mixed WAV file of the beat. This is the highest quality file. The Tracked Out Lease will give you all the individual files to the beat. This is for mixing your song the best way possible.

Will the beat tags be taken out?

Yes. All beat tags are automatically removed after purchase.

Can I sell my songs for profit?

Yes. You can put your songs on iTunes, Spotify, radio, put it on CD or USB drive & sell it out your trunk, etc…all of that.

How long does a lease last?

All leases are unlimited for 2 years. Once the lease has expired, you can renew it by purchasing a new lease or purchasing an exclusive license.

How do I purchase beats?

Click the + sign next to the beats you want & choose the type of lease you want. Then click the “Buy Buy” button to checkout. Enter your payment info & you will be good to go.

When will I receive the beats I purchase?

You will be able to download the beats instantly. Download links will be sent to your email automatically too.

What payment methods do you accept?

All debit & credit cards are accepted. Paypal is accepted too.

Will my payment info be safe?

Yes. Look at your address bar in your browser & you will see the lock icon. When you go to the checkout page you will also see the lock icon. If you are on a computer or laptop, it will say ‘Secure’ in your address bar.

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